Welcome to Aspom Loyalty Club , where every purchase brings you closer to exclusive rewards and special offers! Join our loyalty program today to enjoy a host of benefits. Earn points with every purchase and redeem them for exciting rewards!.


This is an initiative for rewarding our clients who purchase products from us with points which can be used to either purchase a product or pay part of a product value.

Through loyalty points that are accumulated overtime from purchases.

Our past, present & prospective individual & corporate client.

  1. Classification as our VIP customer
  2. Ticket upgrade with points
  3. Branded Credit Card which will server as a budgetary tool when travelling and can be used in Nigeria.
  4. Discount coupons for your next purchase.
  5. 24-hours dedicated customer care service
  6. Points can be used to pay for your product or part of your product.
  7. Constant update on our products & services.

Call our call center on +2349086117488 or mail us at 

Once you purchase a product from us.

For any product you purchase you will have your invoice receipt as your registration number when you return you need to present the number so we will be accumulating your coupon.

Every 1 point is equals ₦10.

You can email us at with your accumulated point and we will give you options available to your points.

No, but you can use your point to purchase. This is based on what your point can get you.

You can use it anytime you want.

You can use your points to get:

  • Free Airport Transfer
  • Free Airport Protocol Services
  • Movie Ticket
  • Discount on Ticket
  • Free Ticket Upgrade
  • Free Airport Lounge
  • Free Visa Assistance Services
  • Free Tour
  • Shop with Point (But these stated above is dependent on what your points can get you).
  • Discount off ASPOM Products & Services (Here, we convert your point to the Naira value and deduct it from what you are supposed to pay us.

You can only use it for yourself and your family member(s).